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Subsidiarity on Steubenville City Council ~ Kimberly Hahn

January 30, 2022 Patrick Brown Season 2 Episode 8
Crown and Crozier
Subsidiarity on Steubenville City Council ~ Kimberly Hahn
Show Notes

In this episode, Kimberly Hahn joins us to talk about her experience representing the taxpayers of Steubenville, Ohio as their Councilwoman-at-Large at city hall.

We chat about her journey into politics, what it means to live out the Catholic social principle of subsidiarity, why small towns in the Rust Belt have shifted their political loyalties, whether Steubenville would ever defund its police force, and why we need more Catholics in public office. Along the way, Councilwoman Hahn shares stories about campaigning in the rougher parts of town, voting your conscience at the Council table, and occasionally reminding constituents that dying outside a state of grace is actually the worst thing that can happen to anyone.

Kimberly was first elected to Steubenville City Council in November 2015 and is currently serving her second term as Councilwoman-at-Large, having been re-elected in 2019. She is the author of five books, including the story of her conversion, Rome Sweet Home, which she co-wrote with her husband, Scott. She is also a popular Catholic speaker and host of the podcast Beloved and Blessed.

00:00 - Introduction
02:50 - Inspiration to run for office
06:00 - Knock, knock, knocking on 7,000 doors
09:10 - Catholic faith: political asset or liability?
11:25 - The shifting politics of the Ohio Valley
17:05 - What subsidiarity and solidarity look like in practice
21:05 - Shoestring local budgets vs. gargantuan federal spending
24:55 - Federal issues on the ground - Part 1: defund the police
27:15 - Federal issues on the ground - Part 2: critical race theory
29:10 - Issues of conscience around the Council table
33:15 - A challenging vote on medical marijuana
38:15 - Speaking-up in the public square
42:20 - Words of wisdom for the prospective candidates out there
44:00 - St. Thomas More, guardian angels and other intercessors
45:30 - What's next for the term-limited Councilwoman?
46:15 - Conclusion

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Subsidiarity - What You Need to Know

Please note that this podcast has been edited for length and clarity.