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From Royal Chaplain to Catholic Convert ~ Gavin Ashenden (Part 2)

May 15, 2021 Patrick Brown Season 1 Episode 6
Crown and Crozier
From Royal Chaplain to Catholic Convert ~ Gavin Ashenden (Part 2)
Show Notes

Serving as chaplain to Her Majesty the Queen isn’t what you might expect. The story of Dr. Gavin Ashenden, one of Queen Elizabeth’s former honorary chaplains, is likewise something that many people weren’t expecting – perhaps most of all Dr. Ashenden himself, who ended-up converting to Catholicism after 35 years as an Anglican priest. 

The fascinating story of his road to Rome is the focus of Part 2 in our series with Dr. Ashenden. Find out how the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, Cultural Marxism, and a local Catholic bishop all played a part in Dr. Ashenden's journey to conversion. The Devil and the Holy Spirit also make an appearance. (Guess who wins?!)

0:00 - Introduction

2:09 - The winding path to Rome

04:15 - Employment at a secular university

05:48 - Carl Jung as the foil to Sigmund Freud on campus

10:08 - Interrogation by the KGB; the taste of Marxism and totalitarianism

12:38 - A troubling glimpse into the future of England’s demographics 

16:17 - Threats of assassination; no blood on the Queen’s carpet, please

18:42 - A call from the Royal Household: “Dr. Ashenden, please make your way to the exit”

21:39 - Media storm

24:18 - Reflecting on the influence of Cultural Marxism on the Church of England

27:12 - Revolution vs. revelation in Great Britain’s State religion

32:02 - Lessons for Catholics from the experience of the Church of England

37:45 - A final word: prospects for Holy Orders?

40:34 - Conclusion

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