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From Royal Chaplain to Catholic Convert ~ Gavin Ashenden (Part 1)

May 15, 2021 Patrick Brown Season 1 Episode 5
Crown and Crozier
From Royal Chaplain to Catholic Convert ~ Gavin Ashenden (Part 1)
Show Notes

Serving as chaplain to Her Majesty the Queen isn’t what you might expect. The story of Dr. Gavin Ashenden, one of Queen Elizabeth’s former honorary chaplains, is likewise something that many people weren’t expecting – perhaps most of all Dr. Ashenden himself, who ended-up converting to Catholicism after 35 years as an Anglican priest. 

This episode is the first segment in our two-part series with Dr. Ashenden. In Part 1, we discuss the fusion of religious and temporal authority within the Church of England, what it means to minister to the Queen, and how a Christian monarchy whose subjects (and members) seem increasingly uninterested in Christianity cannot long endure. 

0:00 - Introduction

3:15 - Honorary Chaplain to Queen Elizabeth II - it’s not at all what you think

11:55 - Getting to know the Royal Household (and cocktail waitresses)

15:35 - Two roles and one personality: Head of State, Supreme Governor of the Church of England, and Elizabeth Windsor

21:45 - Who cares for the soul of the Queen?

24:25 - The next generations of the Royal Household

30:10 - Anglican Church 101: A Church tamed by the State

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