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Debating Integralism, Part 2: Church and State Should Promote True Religion ~ Thomas Pink

December 16, 2023 Patrick Brown Season 4 Episode 5
Crown and Crozier
Debating Integralism, Part 2: Church and State Should Promote True Religion ~ Thomas Pink
Show Notes

This episode is our second installment in a two-part series looking at “integralism”, which holds that the State should recognize Catholicism as true and ought to unite with the Church as body to her soul.

In Part 1 of our attempt to give integralism a fair hearing, we were treated to a critique of the theory.  In this second half, we give the floor to one of the leading intellectual voices and proponents in the integralist movement, Dr. Thomas Pink.

Dr. Pink argues that integralism is first and foremost what the Catholic Church has taught for centuries about the proper ordering of Church and State.  In addition, our guest makes the case that integralism delivers a more realistic view of how states actually function and the true nature of legal authority.

Regardless of whether this two-part series leaves you feeling more or less inclined to accept integralism, we hope that you’ll find this exploration to be a rich and meaningful examination of this critically important tradition within Church teaching.

Dr. Thomas Pink is Professor of Philosophy at King’s College in London, England. He’s written extensively on ethics, metaphysics, free well, political and legal philosophy, and on the history of these subjects.

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Dr. Thomas Pink (official bio)


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