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Should Pastors Be Political? ~ Ben Dunson

October 15, 2022 Patrick Brown Season 3 Episode 2
Crown and Crozier
Should Pastors Be Political? ~ Ben Dunson
Show Notes

Should pastors be political?

Before we instinctively leap to the answer “NO!”...

What if we examine that question in the light of what the Church teaches are a pastor’s three primary responsibilities - teaching, sanctifying and governing?  And what if by “political” we simply mean the many things relating to our life in common in the body politic, as opposed to the political vocation or mere partisanship?

Joining us to help tackle these questions is Dr. Ben Dunson, author of “Should pastors be political?”, published by First Things in August 2022.  Dr. Dunson is editor-in-chief of American Reformer and visiting professor of New Testament at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Greenville, South Carolina.

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